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  • Title: Trailer Horn
  • Release year: 1950
  • Movie genres: Animation; Comedy; Family; Short
  • Director: Jack Hannah
  • Actors: Dessie Flynn, James MacDonald, Clarence Nash, Jack Hannah
  • Movie length: 6 min.

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Trailer Horn film is a really interesting movie, that filled with some great action. Excellent operator's work, authentic movie, and absolutely worth one watch! Fun and humorous and pleasant. Not the greatest story or performing, but impressive in its own right. If you are looking for cool acting and violence, this flick brings it with style. 1950 is very rich for great films and Trailer Horn is one of the best of these films that you should not be against of examining! It is really cool for all participants of family and that is why you could enjoy examining it alone, with your friends or with the participants of the family. Jack Hannah, Clarence Nash are acting their roles so nicely and so realistic that you will live their lives. So, if you are a real devotee of Family films then this is the one that you should not miss an opportunity of examining right now. The length of this tape is 6 m. Have any ideas? Submit them into our form. You need to sign up.