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  • Title: 13 Gantry Row
  • Release year: 1998
  • Director: Catherine Millar
  • Actors: Rebecca Gibney, John Adam, Doris Younane, Nicholas Hammond, Mark Gerber, Erik Thomson, Marshall Napier, Michael Caton, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Ron Graham, Catherine Millar
  • Movie length: 90 min.
  • Movie genres: Thriller; Horror

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13 Gantry Row will show you a very interesting and really motivating story with acting of very famous and best actors like: Mark Gerber, Ron Graham. And you would certainly like to watch the movie because it is one of the exciting movies in Horror category. Acting of Mark Gerber makes it really unordinary and very cool. Without any doubts, 13 Gantry Row is one of the best movies of 1998. The movie length is: 90. We assume that you would get a lot of pleasure from watching 13 Gantry Row. You found great movie to watch right now. This is just astonishing! If you did not see this film yet then you must watch it. Open your eyes to this astonishing story. If you are searching for some fascinating film of genre Horror then get congratulations because you have just found one of the best of them all! And there are no hesitations that the cool relaxation with 13 Gantry Row will not and could not leave you calm or something like this! Here you will find the most good actors of 1998 who are acting their roles so nicely. There are so many good moments in 13 Gantry Row that will make you laugh and cry. What we want to tell without any doubts – you will like this film and will not feel the length 90 mins. What the f do watchers expect? Stream it with beer, alcohol, and your friend. I consider that the script is great and the hidden idea is even greater. This Horror picture deserve at least 7/10. Go watch it by yourself. Have ideas? Submit them in our comment. You need to sign in.

13 Gantry Row is a great movie exclusively for fans of Nicholas Hammond, Ron Graham, Michael Caton. Great 3d effects, well written, good filming, and great acted.

13 Gantry Row will tell you so fascinating and exciting story with nice actor play of famous actors like: Nicholas Hammond, Ron Graham, Michael Caton. It is probably one of the most interesting actions of Thriller genre that you should not be against of checking up or you risk losing tons of great positive emotions! Length of the film is 90 minutes and you really feeling what actors are feeling, start thinking what they are thinking, start to understand their lives during this delightful time!

13 Gantry Row is one of the greatest movies of 1998 with such famous actors like Nicholas Hammond, Ron Graham, Michael Caton who are playing their roles so impressive. You should just stop looking for some other movie if you want to spend a pleasurable night alone or with your best friends streaming the Thriller movie. One of best of them is before you! Duration of the movie is 90 minutes and you will really enter the world of emotions that Nicholas Hammond and other participants of the movie are showing you during the time. Thank you very much and pleasant view.

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