Paris Blues gratis films downloaden

  • Title: Paris Blues
  • Release year: 1961
  • Movie genres: Drama; Music; Romance
  • Director: Martin Ritt
  • Actors: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Sidney Poitier, Louis Armstrong, Diahann Carroll, Barbara Laage, André, Luguet, Marie Versini, Moustache, Aaron Bridgers, Martin Ritt
  • Movie length: 98 min.

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Paris Blues movie is a really decent movie, that filled with much of good action.

Looking forward to have wonderful time with some Music film? Check up Paris Blues with Marie Versini in one of main roles and other great actors like: Marie Versini, Luguet, Sidney Poitier and you would not regret about making this choice. This is one of the most amazing and really best of all movies in 1961 and we want to recommend you to check it up from the start till the end. The running time of the film is 98 mins and you would not stay indifferent.

Oh! What a flick. Solid storyline, action, Music and, the most critical, bigger than your life flick. I love the way it is coupled with past time and our future. Ending will blow off your mind completely. Must watch flick for Music addicts.

We hope you will love Paris Blues flick. Cheers. :-)

The movie provides good and well made storyline, though, it is hardly groundbreaking.

Paris Blues is one of the best films of 1961 with such well-known actors like Marie Versini, Barbara Laage who are acting so wonderful. You should just stop looking for something else if you want to spend a delightful evening alone or with your friends watching the Drama action. One of best of them is right here! Duration of the action is 98 mins and you would for sure enter the world of emotions that Marie Versini and other participants of the action are showing you during this time. Thanks so much and pleasant view.

If you go to this expecting to see the original picture you will be disappointed. If are expecting a funny picture you will like it. The plot twist is amazing. The villain is kept secret. The picture is great to watch and impressive.

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